Challenges for BMW in the Coming Years

PART - 3

If you had made up your mind to buy a used BMW car, then it is indispensable on your part to go through proper checking to get the best deal in the market. The most important thing to remember while purchasing a second-hand car is to see whether it is certified by the company. In recent years, several reputable automobile companies including BMW have offered refurbished cars at a fraction of the actual cost to the Indian customers with company warranty as an added incentive to the deal.  

BMW has an elaborate pre-owned car sale plan. This plan consists of two components. One of them is called the Certified Pre-Owned Elite plan and the other is called Certified Pre-Owned car plan. The former plan has only those BMW models that have run less than 15,000 miles. The company after examining the car with its own engineers adds 50,000 miles of warranty to the vehicle and sells it as a refurbished car at a heavy discount rate. These cars are practically new and will be a good buy for those who want to buy a BMW but are on a tight budget.

The second plan called Certified Pre-Owned cars consists of a larger number of models to choose from. All the models offered under this plan have less than 60,000 miles under their belt. BMW certifies these cars fit and offers 50,000 miles of warranty to make them attractive to the buyers. Before you buy a car under this plan, it would be wise to check the car for any shortcoming thoroughly with the help of an expert.

There are several other advantages besides the cost while you should go ahead to buy a used BMW car. One of them is that a second-hand car has a low depreciation cost. The second important thing that makes buying a second-hand car such a profitable exercise is lower insurance premium needed for second-hand cars as compared to brand new cars. However, if you are planning to a second-hand car that is not certified by the company then you have to be doubly cautious.

You should look for several points before you buy a second hand BMW car from your local car dealer. Among them is the condition of the engine of the model you are planning to buy. The second thing you should look forward to is verifying the vehicle identification number and look at its history. You should also look at the tyres as they are one of the most used parts of a car. If the tyres of a car are worn out, then think twice before buying it because tyres cost quite a lot in the market.

We gave you a brief point that you should consider before you go to buy a used BMW car from the market. It will do you a great deal of good if you do a complete research on second-hand cars, the reputation of the dealer and the physical condition of the car before the purchase to get the best possible deal and a wonderful product.